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Mother-baby attachment

Parents’ depression will affect babies’ development. Our program can help them to improve their relationships as well as their depression.



Children are subject to lots of emotional and physical change during development years. Finding ways to manage and adjust to these changes is key.


Teenagers and young adults

Growing up is not easy. Adjusting, changing in behaviour is always a challenge. We are here for you when things feel out of balance.



As an adult its hard to recognise sometimes we need help pressing the reset button.  That is completely fine, we know how to help you.

My Approach

I have been a researcher-lecturer about childhood obesity and eating disorders for more than 25 years. I believe that wellbeing and healing are difficult. Somedays you are okay, and you are doing just fine. Other days it still hurts and feels you sink deeper.

Treating mental health is a process with no definitive timeframe, straight lines nor shortcuts. You just have to keep going and knowing that when you get treatment, you will get better. 

About me

After completing her Medical Doctorate Degree (Uruguay – South America) in 1980, Dr. Stanganelli received her specialist Degree as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (Uruguay Fellowship, 1984) and she was recognised in the Faculty of Child Psychiatry as FRANZCP fellow in 2010. 


Getting Help

Sometimes self-care is exercising and eating right, spending time with love ones, taking a good nap or having a TV marathon of the latest show. Yet, sometimes that's not enough and we need to learn how to ask for help. Your GP and our practice know how to help you.


Understand the problem needs to be treated


See your GP
to make a pre-diagnostic


Get a referral from your GP


Contact us and
make an appointment


Bring referral and Medicare card to appointment

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